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Charity Awareness Monitor

People might recognise your logo, but do they understand what you do and why?

Your brand is a crucial asset. It can determine whether people give their trust, time and money to support your cause.

Understanding how people view your brand is essential. Our expert insight can help you make better decisions about your brand so it can work harder for you.

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Facts and Figures - Public's Favourite Causes 2016

There are over 160,000 charities in the UK1, benefiting a wide range of causes from hospices to international development. We explore facts and figures to try and determine which of these causes appeal most to the general public, but find that the outcome depends on the criteria used. When asked, the public name clear favourites such as cancer and animals, but when their donating and volunteering preferences are considered the picture is far from clear.

This Facts and Figures article looks at the public's favourite causes from different perspectives, including sector popularity based on age group and gender; it also highlights the discrepancy between favourite causes and the amount of donations these causes receive.

The key facts are below. Please download the report for more information.

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What we do

nfpSynergy is a research consultancy that delivers research, insights and expertise to help non-profits understand their audiences and make informed strategic decisions.

Scottish parliament

Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor


Political decision-making doesn’t stop at Westminster.

That’s why, alongside our Charity Parliamentary Monitor and Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor we carry our an annual poll of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), Members of the National Assembly for Wales (AMs), and Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs).

Our specialist experience in the voluntary, research and political arenas will give you the insight you need to influence policy, change laws and improve society.

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Donald Trump rally

Donald Trump and the problem with celebrity foundations

It's not unusual for people to loathe politicians; it is remarkable, however, that this year's US presidential race has managed to cause reputational harm to the charity sector, and celebrity charitable foundations in particular. This week's blog asks - how many more celebrity charitable foundations do we need? Is it time for celebrities to resist the trend of starting their own foundations, and simply donate to trusted established charities instead?

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What others say

nfpSynergy researchers did a fantastic job. They were conscientious and flexible in accommodating our organisational needs.  Their competency was evident in the way they planned, managed and delivered the project to our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues.  

Save the Children UK


Public irritation with fundraisers declines

Our latest research with the public has revealed that public irritation with fundraisers has declined. 

We asked questions in January 2015 and July 2016 about ‘what are the main factors that would put you off giving to a particular charity?’. The most significant change is the drop in the persistence and intrusiveness of fundraising; ‘Fundraising being too persistent’ dropped from 45% to 35% in the 18 months from January 2015 to July 2016 (2nd chart). ‘Fundraising methods being too intrusive’ has dropped from 36% to 28% in the same period - both these changes are statistically significant. Chart 3 shows how irritation with fundraising rises steadily with age, peaking at the 55-64 year old age group.

However fundraising is not the main barrier to people giving. This remains ‘too little money actually going to the cause’ at 54% (56% in January 2015). The second highest factor that puts people off from giving is ‘too much money spent on staff salaries’ at 43%.

Joe Saxton said:

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