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Majority of people disagree with charity lottery regulations, new report shows

Three in four people feel that charity lotteries should be free to raise as much money as the National Lottery, new research shows. Just the Ticket, written by research consultancy nfpSynergy, also reveals that most people feel lotteries run by good causes should not be capped and do not affect their other donations.

The report, based on a survey of 1,000 British adults, shows that 74% of people feel there should be no laws to stop charity lotteries raising as much money as the National Lottery. Several were unsure, leaving just 8% in favour. 63% were also opposed to any regulations that made it difficult for charity lotteries to compete with the National Lottery.

The report argues that the National Lottery does great work, but it is “too big, too well-known and too well-established” to need to worry about its charity counterparts and does not need protecting. It also criticises the existence of regulations as they should be reserved “to support the weak and the vulnerable, not those too strong and dominant to need it.”

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The New Alchemy

This is our second major report on volunteering. We published The 21st Century Volunteer in 2005 and it was our most popular free report for many years. But over time, many things in the world of volunteering, charities and the wider economic, social and political climate have changed.

With this in mind, we spent six months working on this new report, surveying over 500 volunteer managers and carrying out more than 20 in-depth interviews. The result is The New Alchemy and it's available in full and free from this page.

It is divided into seven parts:

Part 1 - The political and social landscape for volunteering

Part 2 – Volunteering trends over the last decade

Part 3 – Harnessing volunteer motivations

Part 4 – The changing mechanics of volunteering

Part 5 – Engaging the young, the old and the family to volunteer

Part 6 – How do we manage the 21st Century Volunteer?

Part 7 – Conclusions and recommendations

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SlideZone - Which campaigns succeed?

Charities are helping set the political agenda

These results show that charities continue to mount some of the most influential and memorable campaigns in Westminster, and that three sectors have made a particularly strong impression: International Aid & Development, Animal Welfare & Conservation, and Housing.

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Charity Awareness Monitor

The Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) enables charities to find out how they are perceived by the most vital of audiences; the general public. It also gives an insight into what the public think about volunteering, campaigning and donating to charity, whilst providing an accurate

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The research project was very well delivered and met our expectations and objectives. The team were experts in their fields and the project was a pleasure to work on. The findings are being directly applied to a range of sponsorship product and related promotional change and improvement projects.

Justin Wylie, Head of Business Development, Plan International

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