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Charity Awareness Monitor

People might recognise your logo, but do they understand what you do and why?

Your brand is a crucial asset. It can determine whether people give their trust, time and money to support your cause.

Understanding how people view your brand is essential. Our expert insight can help you make better decisions about your brand so it can work harder for you.

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What can charities campaigning in Parliament expect from Brexit?


With the EU referendum just around the corner and polls showing a tightly-fought contest, both sides are arguing fiercely about what the future of the UK would look like outside of the EU.

One thing both campaigns can agree on, however, is that a vote to leave would spark a major upheaval in British politics – and charities campaigning in parliament would undoubtedly be affected by this.

So what sort of challenges would charities face in the event of a British withdrawal from the EU, and all of the political turmoil that could come with it?

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Past Imperfect: How successful have charities been over the last few decades

Are we doing a good job? This is the single most important question a charity, or any other organisation, can ask itself.

Our new report gives an overview of how charities delivered their mission, changed society and assessed their effectiveness over the last few decades. We hope it will help you to think of issues such as:

  • What are the statistics or key figures that demonstrate the progress (or lack of it) relevant to your charity or organisation.
  • How does your strategy make sure your charity maximises your role in using your resources to secure change?
  • What does your organisation understand to be the dynamics of successful change in your arena? Is change created reversible or irreversible? Who are the key partners? What is the role of government?
  • How does that strategy complement that of other organisations working in your sphere?
  • And many more
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What we do

nfpSynergy is a research consultancy that delivers research, insights and expertise to help non-profits understand their audience and make informed strategic decisions.

Scottish parliament

Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor


Political decision-making doesn’t stop at Westminster.

That’s why, alongside our Charity Parliamentary Monitor and Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor we carry our an annual poll of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), Members of the National Assembly for Wales (AMs), and Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs).

Our specialist experience in the voluntary, research and political arenas will give you the insight you need to influence policy, change laws and improve society.

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What others say

The insight Charity Awareness Monitor provided is invaluable. It’s changing the way we communicate, helping us to be much more audience-centred. - Sarah Ross, Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing at Breast Cancer Care

Law firm Stone King legal opinion on fundraising self-regulation

Leading charity Law firm Stone King have been spearheading a debate as to what trustees should be considering when assessing how to fundraise.

There are proposals for a new Regulator in the light of inappropriate fund raising tactics, but before that is formally set up, charities are already having to balance their fiduciary duties against pressures to amend their practices.

SK expose the myth that compliance with new regulatory requirements will be voluntary, and look at the issues for trustees both now, and when the new requirements become law. 

There are two proposals in play regarding current fundraising practice which could significantly affect charities’ fundraising income. The first is the Charity’s own “opt/in opt /out” procedure for obtaining consent to fundraising material being received, and the second is the proposal for a Fundraising Preference Service (FPS).

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