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Which fundraising techniques really annoy the public?

The press has focused a lot of criticism recently on charity fundraising. But just how annoying do the general public find their interactions with fundraising? Our latest interactive graphic allows you to explore different methods of fundraising and how annoyed different groups of the general public are by each. 

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Calling all charities! Our group media training on the difficult issues

Are you a charity? Ever had difficult issues or questions from the media or the public? We're putting together some training for around 50 people in the sector. Find out more below.


This is a group media training day that aims to help charities deal with the difficult issues that many journalists, donors and volunteers ask about. It’s part of the media strand of the Understanding Charities Group.

The group has already met once, resulting in some excellent knowledge-sharing and informing this next stage. The day will provide effective training and the opportunity to share successes, failures, joys, frustrations and disappointments with your charity colleagues.


Thursday, August 27th, 10am – 4pm. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


Scope, 6 Market Road, London N7 9PW. It’s a short walk from Caledonian Road tube station, which is one stop from Kings Cross, or a brisk walk.

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Ringing a bell? Analysing available evidence on the sources and benefits of awareness for charities

We are often asked what the relationship is between the various different measures of awareness, such as prompted awareness, spontaneous awareness and understanding of which cause a charity works in, and their other real world measures, like total or voluntary income and media spend.

Based on a sample of nearly 60 UK charities and nfpSynergy data, this five part report looks at some key questions and analyses two areas in detail: the relationship between awareness and income, and that between awareness and media spend.

Part 1 - Awareness - where does it come from and why is it important?

Part 2: Analysing two of the sources of awareness: paid media spend and levels of income

Part 3: Changes in awareness, media spend and income over time

Part 4: Evidence from case studies for and against media spend or income driving awareness

Part 5: Towards a strategy for raising awareness

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Charity Awareness Monitor

The Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) enables charities to find out how they are perceived by the most vital of audiences; the general public. It also gives an insight into what the public think about volunteering, campaigning and donating to charity, whilst providing an accurate

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What others say

nfpSynergy researchers did a fantastic job. They were conscientious and flexible in accommodating our organisational needs.  Their competency was evident in the way they planned, managed and delivered the project to our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues.  

Save the Children UK


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