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Charity Awareness Monitor

People might recognise your logo, but do they understand what you do and why?

Your brand is a crucial asset. It can determine whether people give their trust, time and money to support your cause.

Understanding how people view your brand is essential. Our expert insight can help you make better decisions about your brand so it can work harder for you.

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Convergence Lab

Research in the digital age

Thanks to digital technologies the speed with which we can complete research is faster than ever, and can be almost instantaneous in some cases. The volume of research and data we can produce has multiplied hugely and our ability to reach audiences across the world and in niche subsets is as never before. So how to decide which is the best methodology to answer your research question?

Research in the digital age really comprises two areas.

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Gift Aid benchmark: What does good look like?

We have invited charity and non-profit professionals to take part in our short survey and share their wisdom on what a good level of Gift Aid looks like for them. Now we are feeding back the insights to the sector.

The results are free to download and include:

  • Income from Gift Aid
  • Average conversion rates by type of fundraising activity
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Gift Aid,
  • Views from non-profit professionals
  • And more!

We are happy to receive your comments and questions on any of the aspects covered. Feel free to express your opinion or share your experience below.

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What we do

nfpSynergy is a research consultancy that delivers research, insights and expertise to help non-profits understand their audiences and make informed strategic decisions.

Scottish parliament

Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor


Political decision-making doesn’t stop at Westminster.

That’s why, alongside our Charity Parliamentary Monitor and Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor we carry our an annual poll of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), Members of the National Assembly for Wales (AMs), and Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs).

Our specialist experience in the voluntary, research and political arenas will give you the insight you need to influence policy, change laws and improve society.

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The art of attraction: why competition and nudging may help raise more money

Listening to a recent BBC podcast, the Charitable Impulse, spurred me to write my first blog piece. In the podcast, David Edmonds draws upon new research regarding the psychology behind charitable giving, providing insight into the best ways for charities to gain support and donations. All the evidence combined suggests that if a testosterone fuelled pack of men were to chase after an attractive female, and ask her the right questions, then large donations to charity would follow.


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What others say

“Jo has done a brilliant job on this recent work and as always is a pleasure to work with.”

Carly Wilson, Head of Brand Advertising

Association of Volunteer Managers hire first employee in partnership with nfpSynergy.

  • Recruitment of events manager will boost activity for training and development of volunteer managers
  • Growth in AVM activity will support growing demand for support and development of volunteer manager professionalisation

The Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) has recruited its first full-time employee as an events manager. Abigail Cooper joins from Informa PLC Pharmaceutical Training International where she has extensive experience of working in the commercial events sector. She has started in her role this month.

AVM is planning to grow its range of events, seminars and conferences to meet the growing demand from the sector for professionalisation of volunteer management. 

At the same time AVM will be reviewing its membership model to include organisations, not solely individuals, in order to create a sustainable platform for growth.

Rachael Bayley from AVM said:

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