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Charity Awareness Monitor

People might recognise your logo, but do they understand what you do and why?

Your brand is a crucial asset. It can determine whether people give their trust, time and money to support your cause.

Understanding how people view your brand is essential. Our expert insight can help you make better decisions about your brand so it can work harder for you.

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Where does the charity sector need more insight?

At nfpSynergy we’re always working to give our clients the latest stats on what the public think of charities and how they interact with them. Whether it’s what proportion currently trust the sector (56%), what the ideal charity would spend on fundraising costs (14%) or how far the public support the Fundraising Preference Service (31% ‘definitely’, 33% ‘probably’), we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to public opinion.

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Association of Volunteer Managers hire first employee in partnership with nfpSynergy.

  • Recruitment of events manager will boost activity for training and development of volunteer managers
  • Growth in AVM activity will support growing demand for support and development of volunteer manager professionalisation

The Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) has recruited its first full-time employee as an events manager. Abigail Cooper joins from Informa PLC Pharmaceutical Training International where she has extensive experience of working in the commercial events sector. She has started in her role this month.

AVM is planning to grow its range of events, seminars and conferences to meet the growing demand from the sector for professionalisation of volunteer management. 

At the same time AVM will be reviewing its membership model to include organisations, not solely individuals, in order to create a sustainable platform for growth.

Rachael Bayley from AVM said:

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What we do

nfpSynergy is a research consultancy that delivers research, insights and expertise to help non-profits understand their audiences and make informed strategic decisions.


Primary Healthcare Monitor

How do commissioners prefer to engage with you? What do GPs know about your latest campaign? Would a nurse pass on one of your leaflets?

As a healthcare, disability, medical, or social care charity, or an organisation representing healthcare professionals, you need this insight if you’re going to reach the people who heed you.

Our Primary Healthcare Monitor gives you access to 75 GPs, 75 commissioners and 100 practice and district nurses a year.

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Past Imperfect: How successful have charities been over the last few decades

Are we doing a good job? This is the single most important question a charity, or any other organisation, can ask itself.

Our new report gives an overview of how charities delivered their mission, changed society and assessed their effectiveness over the last few decades. We hope it will help you to think of issues such as:

  • What are the statistics or key figures that demonstrate the progress (or lack of it) relevant to your charity or organisation.
  • How does your strategy make sure your charity maximises your role in using your resources to secure change?
  • What does your organisation understand to be the dynamics of successful change in your arena? Is change created reversible or irreversible? Who are the key partners? What is the role of government?
  • How does that strategy complement that of other organisations working in your sphere?
  • And many more
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What others say

“Without research we’d be basing what we do on gut feeling, rather than evidence. The monitors are a useful temperature check and allow us to see what the general public are actually thinking.”

- Catherine McNamara, Senior Analyst at RSPB 

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