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Donor Look Back In Anger; 3 ideas for fundraising’s road to recovery

With countless negative stories and shouts of crisis, fundraising has some serious recovery steps to take. Rob White & a few nfpSynergy members of staff take a look at what those might be.

It’s been a tough few months for fundraising.

The complaints have rolled in. The media stories have been rolled out. Heads haven’t quite rolled, but people like William Shawcross have, quite justifiably, argued that the sector is in crisis.

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Ringing a bell? Analysing available evidence on the sources and benefits of awareness for charities

We are often asked what the relationship is between the various different measures of awareness, such as prompted awareness, spontaneous awareness and understanding of which cause a charity works in, and their other real world measures, like total or voluntary income and media spend.

Based on a sample of nearly 60 UK charities and nfpSynergy data, this five part report looks at some key questions and analyses two areas in detail: the relationship between awareness and income, and that between awareness and media spend.

Part 1 - Awareness - where does it come from and why is it important?

Part 2: Analysing two of the sources of awareness: paid media spend and levels of income

Part 3: Changes in awareness, media spend and income over time

Part 4: Evidence from case studies for and against media spend or income driving awareness

Part 5: Towards a strategy for raising awareness

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2 in 3 people say rebrands and London offices are a waste of charities’ money

Two thirds of people think that charities spending money on rebranding or London offices are wasting donations, new research shows. The study, published by research consultancy nfpSynergy, reveals that people feel websites and advertising are a better use of vital funds, while half prefer it when charities are run by volunteers.

The survey of 1,000 people shows that 68% of people feel London-based offices for charities are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ wasteful, with just 8% saying they are worthwhile. 67% of people said the same about charities who change their name, logo or look as part of a rebrand, with just 11% seeing its worth.

More positively, over half of people deem advertising worthy of spending money on and 61% feel the same about developing a website. Almost half think it’s worthwhile for charities to create magazines to update donors on their work, while 45% see the value of spending donations on lobbying, up 6% from last year.

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SlideZone - How can charities do better with journalists?

The latest round of our Journalists’ Attitudes and Awareness Monitor research asked 150 reporters and broadcasters across the media about how well charities understand their needs when approaching them with stories.

Encouragingly, nearly three quarters felt that charities were ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ understanding of their needs, while just 8% said they were not. 21% said charities did this 'neither well nor poorly’.

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Charity Awareness Monitor

The Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) enables charities to find out how they are perceived by the most vital of audiences; the general public. It also gives an insight into what the public think about volunteering, campaigning and donating to charity, whilst providing an accurate

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What others say

We find the nfpSynergy CMM report invaluable. Both as a tool to monitor and keep abreast of the wider landscape in our sector and to ensure that we are as sharp as possible in our relationships with journalists and  adapting to their needs.

Bob Johns, Media Operations Manager, Cancer Research UK

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