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Charity Awareness Monitor

People might recognise your logo, but do they understand what you do and why?

Your brand is a crucial asset. It can determine whether people give their trust, time and money to support your cause.

Understanding how people view your brand is essential. Our expert insight can help you make better decisions about your brand so it can work harder for you.

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Charities at Christmas


The run up to Christmas 2015 was a busy period for charities. Giving Tuesday, big TV adverts and multiple Christmas appeals meant that people had even more contact with charities than usual. But how do the UK public feel about charities at Christmas? Which campaigns are the most successful and why?

In part one of this report we discuss our recent research into the public’s experiences of interacting with charities at Christmas. We look at which causes, charities and campaigns were the winners of Christmas 2015 and why.


What can online community research tell us about people’s interactions with charities? How can you track how people’s views on charities change because of this contact? How can your charity use this methodology to get insight into your supporters?

Part two of this report explores what our Charities at Christmas project can tell us about how online community research captures in-depth audience insight, how the donor experiences and views change over time and what interactions between participants can do to deepen our insight.


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Fundraising once again. Should Irish charities ask for more?

The charity sector in Ireland has had a hard time of it lately.

The recent economic crisis at home has seen growing pressure on domestic charities’ services and the threat of people turning away from overseas charities. Controversies and scandals in the charity sector have also had a huge impact on public attitudes towards Irish charities, with many feeling that they can no longer trust the sector.

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What we do

nfpSynergy is a research consultancy that delivers research, insights and expertise to help non-profits understand their audience and make informed strategic decisions.

What others say

Was extremely impressed with the interview style - professionalism, sensitivity, listening skills, etc. Greatly enjoyed working with nfpSynergy  - great understanding of us and what we are trying to do.
Barbara Cormie, Macmillan Cancer Support

New report calls for more action to minimise the effects of frontline spending cuts on charities

The new report – Challenging Cuts – Investigating the response of charities to frontline service cuts – has three main sections which have the following key points.

Part 1: The effect of government spending cuts

  • Frontline services are impacted on both by budget cuts and by policy changes
  • Changes in commissioning and tendering can be disruptive even without cuts
  • Capital funding and revenue funding are very different sources of income
  • Local authorities have to cut something because of their funding settlement with Westminster
  • Fighting a funding cut and defending the impact of cuts on others are different activities
  • Small isn’t beautiful as tendering requirements change

Part 2: Reducing the effect of cuts

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