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Five key challenges for grant funders from our new report on the future of the grantmaking sector

"Why would you get involved with our bureaucratic funder in order to fund your social action or your change?” This question was asked by a participant in our Spring 2021 research with leaders in the grantmaking sector. It introduces our blog for this week, which summarises what this audience perceive as the biggest challenges currently facing this sector, and their outlook on the future.

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Covid-19 and Charities

Since the start of the pandemic, we've produced a number of free resources for the charity sector. Take a look at the insights using the link below:

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“As well as using the comprehensive review to prepare ourselves for future appeals, we found the research was great to share with other suppliers to help them understand what we do. We also decided to do a public and donor survey, our second project with nfpSynergy.” 

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