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Anna Chistyakova

Anna Chistyakova Marketing and Innovation Manager

Anna joined nfpSynergy in January 2015 an is now Marketing and Innovation Manager. She leads on nfpSynergy marketing strategy, manages our newsletter, website and social media channels; works on developing new business opportunities.

Anna Wates

Anna Wates Researcher

Anna supports all aspects of nfpSynergy’s project work including project management, administrative support, and data analysis.
Bijal Rama

Bijal Rama Senior Researcher

Bijal joined nfpSynergy as a Research Assistant in January 2014. She now leads on our tracking research in Ireland (ICEM) and assists with the Charity Awareness Monitor and our research with Families.
Cian Murphy

Cian Murphy Head of Data Science

Cian first joined nfpSynergy as an Intern in January 2011. He is now Head of Data Analysis, working across our syndicated and bespoke research to develop our quantitative research offering.
Dr Claire Bennett

Claire Bennett Head of Projects

Claire oversees all the bespoke qualitative and quantitative research we do including impact evaluations, service user engagement, stakeholder audits and much more.
Joe Saxton

Joe Saxton Driver of Ideas

Joe Saxton is Driver of Ideas at nfpSynergy and its founder. Joe works on a range of specific projects, especially those that look at strategic advice on fundraising or communications, or wider organisational issues.
Jonny Harper

Jonny Harper Researcher

Jonny works on nfpSynergy’s Influencer Audiences team. He leads on our Journalists’ Attitudes and Awareness Monitor (JAAM), and supports our research with politicians.
Kate Cranston-Turner

Kate Cranston-Turner Senior Researcher

Kate joined nfpSynergy as a Research Assistant in January 2014. She now leads our public research in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales (CCAM) and assists with the Charity Awareness Monitor and Brand Attributes Monitor.
Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas Research Officer

Rebecca is responsible for managing our website and social media channels, and also helps with the organisation of our events and development of our marketing strategy.
Rei Kanemura

Rei Kanemura Researcher

Rei joined nfpSynergy in July 2015. She provides research and administrative support to the Projects Team, helping with the design and analysis of bespoke projects for our clients.
Sam Burthem

Sam Burthem Research Assistant

Sam joined nfpSynergy in May 2017. Embedded in the public's team, he primarily supports the teams work on the companies' Charity Awareness Monitor, alongside other research monitors.

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