The UK Runs the Risk of Being a ‘Justgiving’ Nation

'Do-gooders', so called by Home Secretary Priti Patel, continue to plug the gaps in society left by the inaction of the current government. In this week's guest blog Peter Markham, a correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service, digs a little deeper into this worrying trend and questions what this means for charity in the UK.

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Local Hero: why devolution matters for fundraising

The divergent pathways taken by governments across the United Kingdom towards the handling of the pandemic has illustrated the increased strength and identity of the devolved nations. This week Peter Dawson reflects on the implications of this divergence on the charity sector and asks how charities can adapt to an increasingly parochial public sphere.
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£800 million extra given to charity during Covid? You cannot be serious.

Last week CAF released a report saying that the public have given an extra £800m during the first six months of this year, compared to last. The research flows against the tide of almost all other research carried out during Covid. This week's blog looks at the reasons why CAF's research needs to be interrogated and treated with caution. Read the blog here: