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A snapshot of Covid-19 related findings from our latest Sector Insight Research

This blog provides a snapshot of five Covid-19 related findings to come out of our latest Charity Sector Insight Research.

We carried out our Charity Awareness Monitor Sector Insight survey among a representative sample of the public in Great Britain between 28th May and 10th June 2021. Areas and themes explored in this research included donation trends, volunteering, membership, wills & legacies, Covid-19, charity status/what counts as a charity, armed forces/veterans, and issues of concern amongst the public. This blog provides a snapshot of five Covid-19 related findings to come out of the research. If there is a particular issue you or your organisation would like to know more about, please get in touch with CAM@nfpsynergy.net.

  1. Changing attitudes towards the pandemic

The pandemic is not over yet; however, concern about it has reached its lowest levels yet in our tracking, with just 52% listing the pandemic among their top concerns as restrictions are loosened and the vaccination campaign takes hold.

  1. Giving remains at low levels, but there are signs of recovery

The proportion of the public (57%) saying they have given to charity in the last 3 months remains at historically low levels. However - For the first time since the pandemic began, the number of people saying they intend to give more to charity in the next 12 months is higher (17%) than those who plan to give less (13%).

  1. Increasing comfort in interacting with charities face to face

Appetite for face-to-face engagement with charities has increased across the board, with 37% comfortable taking part in a sporting event (up from 29% in August of last year) or talking to a charity fundraiser in the street (up from 28%).

  1. Volunteering levels are stable

The latest data from May on levels of recent volunteering stand at 20%, consistent with the last time we asked in March of this year. Other than a brief dip to 16% in August 2020, the pandemic seems to have had little impact (either positive or negative) on the overall numbers reporting giving their time to charity.

  1. Growing numbers describe environmental charities as among their favourite

Support for environment and conservation charities has increased to 18%, up from just 10% in 2010. Growing public concern about climate change and environmental crises, initially put on the back burner following the onset of the pandemic, has once more come to the fore in the charities that the British public are considering supporting.

The next wave of Charity Awareness Monitor will take place in October - if you want to get more charity sector insights on quarterly basis, please get in touch with CAM@nfpsynergy.net.


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