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A Chance to Give


It's fair to say that lottery deregulation for charities has been an issue for decades. Lotteries have been a staple part of the fundraising scene for years, but they are restricted by legislation and regulation from reaching their full potential.

Charities have taken some of the most effective fundraising mechanisms such as direct debits, direct mail and door-to-door recruitment and blended them with lotteries to create new income streams. While other techniques have waxed and waned, lotteries have carried on bringing in the money.

We wanted to channel our passion and frustration to create a report that would make a difference. We carried out our own research and spoke to many people across the sector to find out exactly what we needed to know. 

The result is a thorough review of the issues surrounding charity lotteries, complete with some recommendations we believe can begin to achieve what we're all striving for; more money being raised for good causes.


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A Chance to Give

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