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Facts & Figures: Young People and Charities

Young people sitting on a hill
We're pleased to present a new Facts and Figures report which gives a quick overview of volunteering and charitable activities by young people in the UK. Discover how many 16-24s are volunteering, the likelihood of donations being made by this demographic, and more.
Key Facts:
  • The proportion of young people in the UK is shrinking: 19% of the UK population is currently under 16 (down from 22% in 1981), and 11% is 16 - 24 (down from 14% in 1981).
  • 44% of 16 - 24 year olds were in full-time education in 2016, a significant increase from 26% in 1992.
  • Young people are volunteering more and more, and 16 - 24s and over 65s are most likely to give up their time.
  • Only 64% of 16-24s had donated compared to 68% of the rest of the public in the last month.
  • A third of under 18s had donated in the last month, compared with 55% of adults.

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Facts and Figures: Young People and Charities Report

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