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Long live the digital revolution in charities

There is little doubt that digital technology has transformed the lives of people in the UK. Alongside the digital giants such as Google and Yahoo who exist purely because of the digital world, startups like Uber or WhatsApp have incorporated technology into their business models and now thrive. Online shopping and banking is getting more comfortable than offline experience with these industries. Even government has got the digital bug, with the vast majority of government services now available via the gov.uk website. 

So how is the social sector, the sector which aims to create a better world, doing in transforming itself thanks to digital technology? Is digital technology changing charities, not just in fundraising but in other areas too? Are people still excited about the potential for change that digital technology can bring?

This reports, produced together with PayPal Giving Fund, aims to answer these questions and address the state of digital technology in charities and not for profits.



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Long Live the Digital Revolution in Charities

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