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Trust in Charities (Year 2017)


We continue tracking the level of trust in the UK charity sector. This report presents the latest data along with the historical data going as far back as 2006.

Below are a few key findings. To see the report in full, please click the download button below. If you want to track the level of trust in your charity, please email to our Charity Awareness Monitor team at cam@nfpsynergy.net We'd be happy to help!

  1. Trust in charities rose early in 2017 and then plateaued in the 55-60% range. Trust in charities rose to a high of 64% early in 2017, then dipped in the middle of the year to 55% and 57% and rose at year end to 60%

  2. By the end of 2017, Charities were the fifth most trusted public institution after the NHS, the Armed Forces, Police and Schools.

  3. Two years ago charities were in 12th place behind TV and radio stations

  4. Trust in the FRSB and now Fundraising Regulator has more than doubled since 2009: from 15% to 37%.

  5. Charity supporters' trust in charities (in November 2017) is at 70%, a lot higher than non-supporters', whose level of trust is at 40%

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