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A draft strategy for changing the way that the media cover charities

This is a paper to set out the issues and create a strategy for the next three years for ‘Improving media coverage’, Strand 3 of the Understanding Charities group. The idea of the paper is very much to try and reach a clear strategy for how we move forward on Strand 3. This may be by getting a high level of agreement with the strategy contained in this document.

The overall objective of the ‘Improving media coverage’/Strand 3 could be defined as ‘to secure a level and type of media coverage that helps the public and particularly donors and volunteers better understand charities, and to empathise with the style and work of charities in the 21st Century’.

How to respond

Please give us any thoughts you may have about this strategy by Friday May 29th 2015 by emailing Joe Saxton on joe.saxton@nfpsynergy.net or calling him on 07976 329212.


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Strategy for Strand 3

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