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Show and tell: a Best Practice Guide to portraying beneficiaries and service users

This is the first in a series of guides from CharityComms, the sector communciations body. It was written by our Driver of Ideas, Joe Saxton, as part of his role as Chair of CharityComms. Portraying beneficiaries was picked as the first topic because it’s an area that creates plenty of problems without there being sufficient guidance on how to tackle them. 

The hope is that this guide will get the majority of hard work done for you. It can’t do it all, but it can disclose the research, share what other organisations are doing and tell you about the resources that already exist, along with other sources of knowledge and ideas. It can also make your job easier by setting out the key decisions that need to be made and making a logical and clear process to follow.
Joe and CharityComms have used their experience and insight garnered from across the sector to arrive at this first guide and we hope it helps you address your key challenges in this area.


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Show and tell; A best practice guide to portraying beneficiaries

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